LMA started in 2007 providing Drama & Dance in schools as well as special projects for schools and other organisations. In 2008 LMA Musical Theatre Stage School evolved, as a result of parents seeking a more affordable stage school.

LMA's ethos "Every Child Deserves the Limelight" has always been about providing opportunitites for children to grow in confidence and be able to push their own boundaries. LMA shows have always enabled children to do whatever they are comfortable with. The children were always consulted as to the amount of lines they wanted and were accommodated due to the nature of the scripts chosen. Those who wanted to explore singing solo were given the opportunity to do so - whether it be a few lines or a whole song.

Salford Dance Explosion began in 2009 and was a huge success and continues to attract dance schools and educational schools wanting to be involved. Many participants return every year to take part. Fast ticket sales confirm the popularity of this two day festival which has grown each year and just gets better and better.

In 2009 Worsley Boys Breakdance started, again from the desires of boys who wanted something a little different from street dance. Worsley Boys perform each year at the Lowry in Salford Dance Explosion. They have also taken part in the Ludus Youth Dance Festival in Preston as well as many other festivals and events.

September 2010 saw the start of LMA Youth Theatre - our teenage stage school. We started with 5 members but have quickly grown to 20 members plus a substantial waiting list. The group is extremely talented and they regularly perform at events and talent shows. In January 2012 two members of our Youth Theatre, Jonny & Zack, led the finale in Salford Dance Explosion which was so uplifting, it is now planned to be included every year. Jonny & Zack formed their duo band "Radio Impulse" in 2011.

2014 saw the closure of the stage school but LMA continues with Worsley Boys Breakdance, Salford Dance Explosion and finding opportunities for young people at various events.

LMA has always been about "children" showing off their talents, improving their skills, giving them opportunities, increasing their experiences and confidence and ultimately HAVING FUN.